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Pure Carbon Fiber Magnetic Propeller Balancer Prop Essential For Quadcopter FPV Helicopter Airplane

Description:The use of the N45 high performance magnet, fixed plate made of carbon fiber board materialMaglev-method was adopted on the center fixing axis to balance the tested products with zero resistance.Fixed-wing propeller, helicopter rotor..


Red JST male to Walkera style battery plug female adapter cable

Description:One end is red JST male plug, the other end is Walkera style female plug for connecting battery. The connection cable is 24AWG silicon, length is 10cm.This adapter cable can be used for charging Super-X battery, LKTR120 battery and all th..


Standoff for Hermit 1 piece

This is a standoff for Hermit, it includes just one standoff .The length is 13mm, hole size is M1.4..


XT30 battery side to red JST female

Description:One end is XT30 battery side, the other end is red JST female connector, connected with 18AWG, the cable length is 3cm, very strong and high quality made...


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