Hermit Micro FPV brushless quadcopter 145mm 98g! fully assembled

Hermit Micro FPV brushless quadcopter 145mm 98g! fully assembled

Hermit Micro FPV brushless quadcopter 145mm 98g! fully assembled

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Hermit 145 is a newly designed micro FPV quad copter, only 140mm motor to motor size can it fly in the narrower and confined space easily. Although it is very small, it can install a 5.8G video transmitter(VTX), a DV of 120-angle lens, a flight control board integrated with receiver,  OSD (option) and so on. Besides, you can adjust the distance of motor to motor through the frame, and the view angle of DV is adjustable too.

This product comes in fully assembled

1) Weight: 67g (not including battery)
2) Flight weight: 98.0g (450mAh 25C7.4V)
3) Flight time: 9 minutes ( with 2S 450mAh 25C battery, VTX and DV on working)
4) Motor to motor distance: 145mm, 150mm, 155mm adjustable;
5) View angle of DV is +/- 25 angle adjustable;
6) Applied high efficiency brushless motor, its weight is 3g, KV is 4000;
7) Applied micro 5.8G VTX (200MW) comes with clover antenna, only 6.0 grams;
8) Applied super light DV, it is 720P/30F and with 120-angle lens, it supports real time AV output, its Micro SD can support 32G at the most, Micro SD is not included. 
9) Integrated with DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver;
Hermit 145 compared with R7008SB receiver on size:
Supply way:KIT;
Included in box:
1) One set of Hermit 145 frame
2) MP03 brushless motor : 4 pcs (weight is 3g, 4000KV, with 1.5mm shaft)
3) Mu-3A ESC: 4 pcs;
4) 2 sets of propeller (8 props)
5) One piece of MX-VTX-B with clover antenna;
6) One set of MINI  DV(720P/30F,120-angle lens)
7) One piece of MX OVERSKY 32 flight control board (integrated with DSM2 7CH receiver, supports firmware of  BaseFlight and CleanFlight)
8) 1 pcs of 450mAh25C7.4V battery;
1) The integrated DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver outputs data through serial port;
2) It supports outside receivers such as PPM, DSM2/DSMX, SUMD or SBUS (revert circuit needs to be added)
3) You can also choose Mu-3Aa-L1 which was installed on the motor carbon arm(only for 150mm and 155mm motor to motor distance);
4) MX NANO CC3D flight control is an option;
5) The max flying weight should not be more than 120g
6) 99% of the quadcopter was designed for plug and play, no need more solder, but for power cable, customer need to solder it themselves.
7)  We can provide both RHCP and LHCP clover antenna, please let us know which one your prefer when you make the order. 
Binding operation:
1) Press the binding switch on the receiver (green LED is on),then power FC board, release the binding switch, the green LED on the receiver flashes quickly (the receiver enters binding mode);
2) Press the binding switch on the DSM2 transmitter and then turn on the power;
3) When the fast flashing LED on the receiver is off and then comes to bright constantly, it indicates the binding is succeed, or repeat the above process.
Unlock operation:
Throttle to THR, Elevator to PITCH, Aileron to ROLL, Rudder to YAW
Unlocking: pull the throttle to the lowest, turn YAW to the right end (if it is still unlocking, please set range of YAW and THR to 120%, and check the channel direction and then try)
Question and answers:
- Is the product compatible with spektrum transmitter (DX7S) ?
- How can I connect it to a computer to make P.I.D and transmitter adjustment (do I need usb-ftdi adapter ?, is it include ?),
- Can I adjust different mode (manual, angle, altitude and programme transmitter switches ?
- do you test the range with the integrated receiver ? Has it got an antenna and how installing it to optimize the range ? Is it more efficient to add an other receiver ?
Yes, it is compatible with Spektrum transmitter DX7S;
You can use a Micro USB cable to connect it with PC and adjusting PID
Yes, you can adjust different mode according to your requirement
You can download cleanflight from Google app store.
The receiver is with a antenna, no need extra receiver for more efficient.
you don't need a FTDI for Hermit, because FTDI is integrated on FC.
Can you wire up the OSD for me?What is the weight?
Can you lower the value in order to avoid customs fees?
I'm sorry I can't wire up the OSD for you. I can lower the valure to avoid custom fee for sure, we did so for all our customers.
1, Size;30.0*16.0*3.8mm;
2, Weight:1.7g
It comes with two power cables, one is for soldering, one is for pluging, you can make choice by yourself.
VIDEO for test indoor flight:

The following are reference for configured parameter , especially PID parameter is for reference:

How to calibrate ESC:
1) Connect the assembled Hermit 145 to Cleanflight GUI through USB, click connect (Attn: please don’t connect the battery);
2) Clickfrom Motors option, and pull up Master to highest (full).You can see that all the motor outputs are 1850;

And at the same time, one “beep” from motor will be heard again, then disconnect the battery on Hermit 145, then disconnect the connection with Cleanflight GUI, and pull off USB cable, the calibration for ESC is finished! 
How to unlock or ARM the motors from a customer after binding:

It finally works! YESSSS!!! - Guess what the problem was?? - The default setting of Minimum Throttle was at 1150ms. Putting this on 1050 made it armable...

I found out about that late last night. Now this morning I'll do my maiden-flight!! - As I am experienced in Copters and all the functions seem to work properly, this should be fun! :-)

Thank You for Your support, maybe You can put this on Your site to help others, because I read a lot from other pilots having problems arming the little quad, especially with DX7...

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